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I translate nutrition and food science jargon into deliciously interesting and digestible nuggets of information for your readers.

Let's face it: nutrition research is confusing! As a nutrition expert with a Master of Science in Food and Nutrition, I have been trained to read and interpret research.  

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hi! i'm ashley sobel.

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I love to share my knowledge of food and nutrition through writing. I have written for Healthline, Naked Nutrition, and contributed to articles in Women's Health and Eat This Not That. I have also contributed research to Anti-Diet by Christy Harrison and Should I Scoop Out My Bagel by Ilyse Schapiro and Hallie Rich. 

As a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Food and Nutrition, I spend my time counseling clients, cooking, and writing about the things I love. 

I have many titles, but one mission: to inspire connection through food, to spread the joy of food and eating, and empower people to live healthy and delicious lives. 

writer, chef, and registered dietitian who is obsessed with all things food and health.

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intuitive eating
weight inclusivity
gut health
allergies & food sensitivities
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"We've been working with Ashley for over two years and she continues to provide us with high-quality and well-researched writing pieces.

She has always been highly professional, communicative, and her knowledge of food and nutrition elevated our content. I highly recommend Ashley for anyone looking for a great professional writer."

—JC at Naked Nutrition

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