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Registered Dietitian taking virtual session with nutrition client

I’m an Intuitive Eating RD and THIS is Why I Hate Cheat Meals

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Health, Nutrition

It’s time to abolish the notion of cheat meals once and for all. Although it’s become common in the world of diet culture, a cheat meal has no place in anyone’s diet – or vocabulary.  As a registered dietitian I have seen many clients holding onto the idea of a cheat meal as a way […]

Cooking for a better relationship with food

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I’ve thought about the connection between cooking and disordered eating for years. I’ve always been enamored with all things food – the way it brings people together, the endless and exciting combinations of ingredients to try, and the sense of pride and accomplishment after creating a meal. Encouraging home cooking and creativity in the kitchen […]

Quick tips for optimal gut health

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Health, Nutrition

Key tips to optimize gut health through food.

Why breakfast is in for 2024

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Health, Nutrition, Recipes

Science-backed evidence about this long-debated meal.

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